VECTOR is a leading third-party logistics service provider to the Southern African food Industry. We deliver integrated supply chain solutions across the retail, wholesale and food service sectors and are the dedicated route-to-market solution for the RCL FOODS Group. Our expertise ranges from providing dynamic sales solutions through to supply chain planning and multi-temperature warehousing and distribution solutions, unpinned by cutting-edge technology to ensure the most cost-effective route-to-market for our clients.


Vector Primary Transport

We offer our clients a customer-focused Primary Transport service across South Africa and into selected neighbouring countries. Our fleet transports frozen, chilled and ambient products from our client’s manufacturing plants or distribution warehouses either direct to customers or into the VECTOR secondary network. 

Vector Bulk Cold Storage

We have several Bulk Cold Storage facilities located in the Inland, Kwazulu-Natal and Cape Regions of South Africa, several of which are attached to our principals’ manufacturing plants (plant-based cold storage), or to our secondary distribution hubs. These facilities allow us to offer our Principals terminal distribution by integrating bulk (full pallets) and secondary (break bulk) distribution thus providing for a seamless supply chain service. Our Bulk Cold Storage service offering includes import container off-loading and palletizing, inbound and outbound pallet handling and storage.

Principal Secondary Distribution

We deliver both full and break bulk frozen and chilled pallets through Principal Secondary Distribution network on behalf of our principals. Our Principals are mostly leading food manufacturers in South Africa. Specialist services offered through our Principal Secondary Distribution network include demand and supply planning, warehousing and distribution (including full track and trace capability), debtors management, information management and business intelligence.

Customer Secondary Distribution

Our Customer Secondary Distribution service offering is a multi-temperature contract distribution model which allows us to provide a one-stop service to both large food service groups and national retailers. We effectively consolidate our clients inbound supply chains and deliver frozen, chilled and ambient products on a single multi-temperature vehicle to their stores. VECTOR pioneered the introduction of multi-temperature delivery vehicles in the food service industry in South Africa. Our sophisticated supply chain systems enable us to model the most efficient route to market for our customers, whilst allowing them to focus on their core business. Our services offering includes demand and supply planning, central procurement, order management, stock management, distribution (including full track and trace capabilities), debtors management, information management and business intelligence.

Vector Sales Solutions

VECTOR offers two independent sales and merchandising solutions that services the retail and wholesale markets in South Africa and Namibia. Our services include key account management, in-store order placement and stock management, shelf health management, returns management, brand activation and brand ambassadors. We enable our customers to maximize sales revenue and market share by ensuring maximum service levels into stores and on-shelf. This is supported through the use of leading hand-held technology and our seamless backward integration with our Central Demand Planning and Replenishment teams, Customer Service Centres and Distribution depots.