With close to 100 years of history, SUPREME is one of South Africa’s leading, most consistent and trusted wheat flour brands. South African professional bakers recognise the SUPREME brand as their preferred wheat flour. SUPREME offers a range of wheat flours and prepared mixes which are all milled at the RCL FOODS milling site in Pretoria.

Prepared Mixes and Concentrates

Continental Rye Mix
Brown Bread Mix
White Bread Mix
Turbo 5% Bread Concentrate
Crispy Crust Mix
Silky Soft White Mix
Silky Soft Brown Mix
Super Wholewheat Mix


Cake Wheat Flour
White Bread Wheat Flour
Brown Bread Wheat Flour
Whole Wheat Flour
Rye Flour
Industrial Wheat Flour

We are committed to ensuring that everything we're involved with is matchless, superior, and exceptional – or put quite simply, consistently SUPREME.

We offer bakers information that will ensure professional bakeries have access to recipes and information that enables them to bake a range of products, as well as tools to address baking problems that they may have.

Our Baker’s Academy on our website is where we share our knowledge across a range of topics that will be of value and assistance to professional bakers.

The Prepared Mix product range includes Brown Bread, Crispy Crust and Continental Rye prepared mixes. These product lines are produced in large quantities for both the professional sales and retail in-store bakeries.