Sugar & Milling Division's Partners
and international operations

Through our strategic partnerships with companies of significant influence in South Africa and beyond local borders, we are able to expand our reach into Africa while consistently improving the supply and quality of the products offered in the Sugar & MIlling Division. 

Quality Sugars

Quality Sugars Proprietary Ltd, a majority-owned subsidiary of RCL FOODS, is the logistics and marketing arm of the Sugar & Milling Division. It manages and oversees the entire process of moving the sugars from silos and storage facilities to its packaging plants and ultimately to the consumer. Advertising and marketing campaigns have made Selati a firm favourite that resonates with South African consumers.

Quality Sugars operates out of Midrand in Johannesburg, the commercial epicentre of South Africa.

Quality Sugars adds value to the Selati brand through well-strategised, targeted advertising using national media. Because of this, Selati - and its iconic pack - has become one of the top ten most recognised household names in South Africa as well as the No.1 brown sugar brand.

Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation Limited

The Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation Limited (RSSC), located in the north-eastern Lowveld of Swaziland is one of the largest companies in the country. The company employs over 3500 people and produces two-thirds of the country's sugar and a significant quantity of ethanol.

RSSC manages approximately 15 600 hectares of irrigated sugar cane on two estates leased from the Swazi Nation and manages a further 5 000 hectares on behalf of third parties, which collectively deliver approximately 2.3 million tons of cane per season to the Group's sugar mills.

Mananga Sugar Packers

Mananga Sugar Packers (MSP) is a 50:50 joint venture between the Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC) and RCL FOODS. It was established in 2005 with the objective of adding 'downstream' value to the sugar produced in Swaziland.

The MSP plant is situated directly behind RSSC's Mhlume factory to facilitate access to sugar. With the ability to package a full range of products for the retail and industrial markets in SACU, the company packs approximately 100 000 tons of sugar per year, making it the largest packaging operation of its type in the Swaziland sugar industry. MSP also produces speciality sugars such as castor and icing sugar.

Products packed at MSP are marketed by Quality Sugars (Pty) Ltd under the 'First' and 'Selati' brands, as well as customer's house brands.

Akwandze Agricultural Finance Proprietary LTD

Akwandze Agricultural Finance Proprietary Ltd is a sugar cane development finance organisation. It seeks to source and negotiate the best terms and manage development finance funds for RCL FOODS sugar cane growers and contractors within the sugar cane production value chain. Akwandze provides financial services to growers, with a focus on cane production and irrigation infrastructure, and to contractors for short-term working capital requirements.