Sugar & Milling

The Sugar & Milling Division houses all of our sugar, milling and baking and animal feed business units. With the acquisition of the entities formerly known as TSB, Rainbow’s Feed division Epol, and Foodcorp’s Milling and Baking divisions, we are able to mass produce and distribute a range of products from our mills and bakeries to customers in South Africa and other African countries.

Some of our most recognized brands include Selati sugar, A1 maize meal, 5 Star maize meal, Molatek animal feed and Sunbake bread, rolls and specialist confectionary products.

Sugar & Milling Division’s partners

Business Units

The Sugar & Milling Division consists of 3 business units:  Sugar, Millbake and Animal Feed



Managing Director:  John Du Plessis
Business unit Directors:  Billy Oosthuizen (MillBake), Wouter de Wet (Animal Feed), Derek van Niekerk (Sugar)
Functional Directors:  Gerhard van der Walt (Finance), Steve Langton (Technical and Commercial), Amber Ndlovu Wudebwe (HR)