SELATI is South Arica’s number one selling brown and white sugar brand and a firm favourite in homes across South Africa. Our products are easily recognised by the brown weave pattern and the distinctive red 'rising sun’ motif on all our packages, which symbolises the brand’s origins in Mpumalanga (the place where the sun rises).

Gluten Free Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies

The kids will go nuts for these tasty treats.

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Malva Mug Pudding With Milk Tart Ice Cream

By Angie Boyd

Two traditional dishes in one & perfect for Sunday lunch. 

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Gluten Free Lemon Meringue Pie

A lemony treat with the lightest and fluffiest meringue. 

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Consumer Sugars

South Africans have shown great loyalty to the handy 'cut-and-pour' spout of our white sugar packets, while our recyclable and strong brown sugar packaging has seen SELATI growing into being South Africa's number one brown sugar brand

Industrial Sugars

Our emphasis on superior service and great customer relationships has made us a firm favourite of the baking, food processing confectionary and beverage industries.

Catering Sugars

We cater to the needs of the hotel, food and beverage industry with our convenient, hygienic tube sachets of white and brown sugars as well as our sucralose non-caloric sweeteners.

Non-nutritive Sweeteners

With 95% less calories and no bitter aftertaste, SELATI Sucralose sweeteners present a wider range of responsible food choices for those seeking a healthier food plan. Endorsed by Diabetes SA, our sweeteners have no bitter aftertaste and are an affordable alternative to natural sugar.