RAINBOW's chickens are delicious roast dinners, the perfect Isishebo and succulent braais. We produce 4-million birds per week, creating 4-million memorable meal occasions per week. With these inspired insights, RAINBOW is evolving into a consumer-driven brand that recognises that consumers are much more than just people at the end of the supply chain.. 


Chicken Curry with Red Chilli

A fiery, flavoursome dish that’s quick to make.

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Rainbow Fresh Range

Farm Fresh Taste
Halaal Certified

Rainbow Frozen Range

Chicken is frozen for maximum shelf life
Halaal Certified

Individually Quick-Frozen Range

As fresh as the day it was packed – quick freezing ensures that the freshness, moisture, tenderness and nutrition are locked in.
Six-month shelf life
Economical - use only the pieces you want
Does not need to be thawed – can be cooked from frozen
Halaal certified


The RAINBOW brand was founded by the late Stanley Methven on his father's farm at Hammarsdale, outside Durban in 1960. He first sold from a stall in central Durban, demand for RAINBOW's chicken grew quickly, leading to the commissioning of the first processing plant at Hammarsdale in 1963.

Today, RCL FOODS is South Africa's largest processor and marketer of chicken. RCL FOODS is a fully integrated broiler producer that breeds and rears its own livestock which it feeds from its own feed mills, processes, distributes and markets fresh, frozen, value-added and further-processed chicken.