RCL FOODS believes that passion breeds success which is why there is a focus on teamwork, innovation and dedication. The business respects individuals and nurtures them by empowering them to grow and values every employee’s contribution to the Group. Self-management and accountability are key elements to foster an efficient and productive workforce and the business strives to empower its staff to be passionate in all that they do and encourages them to influence decision-making processes and outcomes. The business is mindful of the fact that its employees strive for career growth, and for this reason, offer internal training programmes in various disciplines across all the functions of the Group.

Our passion for people and their well-being is reflected in our commitment to seeing all of our employees grow and flourish with us. RCL FOODS understands that our employees desire growth in their careers and we actively support their ambitions through the implementation of various internal training programmes and reward systems. We value self-management and accountability in our people, while cultivating more confidence within them by encouraging their involvement in the decision-making processes of our company.


Explore what work life is like at the RCL FOODS offices and how we take care of our people.

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Employment Equity Policy

Read about the policies in place to ensure equality and fair treatment of all our staff members 

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