At RCL FOODS we believe in doing more… with a single minded passion to provide more food to more people, more often. We believe that by nourishing people while sustaining our resources, everyone wins. Communities will be enriched, employees inspired and our customers and shareholders will enjoy the benefits.

In our Passion to do “more”, we are driven by a desire to improve people’s access to nourishing food while achieving sustained business growth. The three “mores” of our Passion are a simple expression of our interlinked social and business agenda.

“More food” means delivering more nourishing food, better value and greater choice to our consumers. This is achieved by building our portfolio with strong brands and by gaining a bigger share of consumer meals through added-value products and relentless innovation.

“More people” means making a variety of food choices available to all people, not just some. To achieve this, we must increase our market share in our existing categories and find new consumers in new categories and markets.

“More often” means providing affordable food to everyone, every day, everywhere. We will achieve this by reaching new consumer occasions through increased distribution of our products and better market penetration.