Although South Africa is considered a “food-secure” nation, producing enough calories to adequately feed every one of its 53 million people, the reality is that one in four people currently suffers from hunger on a regular basis and more than half of the population live in such precarious circumstances that they are at risk of going hungry.

As one of South Africa’s largest food producers, we believe we have a responsibility to positively and significantly impact food security in our country. We continue to strive to find new ways to strengthen the nutritional profile of our products while maintaining the great taste our customers expect. We also want to help make it easier for customers to access nutritional choices, in line with the universally accepted healthy practice of eating a variety of foods from recommended food groups.

As a group we seek to collaborate with partners so as to leverage resources and expertise to help ensure enduring impact and long-term sustainability for all our projects. Amongst other initiatives, we support a number of organisations with their monthly chicken requirements, donating a total of 60 tons of chicken and providing close on 350 000 meals during the past financial year.

RCL FOODS believes that it has a fundamental responsibility to assist in improving the lives of disadvantaged communities in the areas in which its businesses operate.

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