Yum Yum lives up to its name

Food24 recently tested 8 South African peanut butters in a blind tasting* – and they couldn't believe how different they all tasted. Here's a sample of what the peanut gallery had to say (make sure you read to the end)…

#8 Thokoman smooth peanut butter: "Not my vibe"… "Such a strange flavour – very unlike peanuts!" SCORE: 43/100

#7 Black Cat Smooth No added sugar and salt: "I would not even stalk this one on social media"… "Okay this is for sure sugar free. Mouth feel isn't bad. Dry AF though"… "A rather bland one. Not so sure about the grainy appearance tbh" SCORE: 44/100

#6 Black Cat Original: "It looked like it lived a tough life"… "how is something so wet so dry?" SCORE: 59/100

#5 Spar no-name brand: "I could eat this every day"… "Tastes better than it looks. I'm a fan"… "This hardly tastes like peanut butter – the colour is not appealing. This is disgusting and fake oily tasting" SCORE: 61/100

#4 Checkers no-name brand: "Non-offensive"… "This is smooth and creamy but it doesn't stick to the roof of my mouth and the aftertaste isn't bad. Kinda impressed"… "Smooth. But like a lekker smooth. Like a Santana smooth" SCORE: 65/100

#3 Pick n Pay no-name brand: "It plays well in the mouth"… "This was lovely and smooth"… "almost slightly toasted peanut flavour I like it" SCORE: 69.5/100

#2 Woolworths no-name brand: Coming in at a respectable second place, most tasters really enjoyed this one. "Nice traditional flavour"… "smooth" SCORE: 69.7/100

#1 Yum Yum Original smooth: "We could become best friends"… "So this is the best. Hitting all the salty-sweet spots on my tongue"… "I really like this one. Creamy nice flavour. Traditional" SCORE: 76/100

[With thanks to Food24 and comedians Yaaseen Barnes and Dalin Oliver - https://www.food24.com/News-and-Guides/Features/we-tested-8-south-african-peanut-butters-and-we-couldnt-believe-how-different-they-all-tasted-20181112]

* where tasters are unaware of the identity of the brand being tested