Their future starts here!

We welcomed 19 enthusiastic young graduates to our Management Trainee Programme in February, and their on-boarding event is happening as we speak. It's an active three days of getting to know RCL FOODS, meeting our leaders and experiencing our products - and the trade - firsthand. The aim? To prepare them for future leadership roles and develop our very own talent pipeline.

Since its inception in 2013, our Management Trainee Programme has been an integral part of our talent acquisition strategy. It focuses on developing future leaders and meeting RCL FOODS' transformation targets through structured development plans. So far, 149 graduates have entered the programme and 21 have been promoted to management level within just three years.

The on-boarding event is an exciting first step for each new intake of graduates as it builds a sense of who RCL FOODS is and where we're going, and it ignites the leadership spark that we believe each one has. This year's on-boarding is taking place in the KZN Midlands from 25 to 27 February and kicks off with a message from Miles and an inspiring presentation from our divisional directors. In true RCL FOODS spirit, that is followed by team building activities to break the ice and encourage collaboration. Our trainees' mindsets quickly shift from Graduate to Future Leader - and that's where their trade task gives them the perfect opportunity to stretch their wings and activate a sense of purpose as part of the RCL FOODS team.

We can't wait to see our new trainees fly!