To help the land reform beneficiaries to extract maximum benefit from their assets while ensuring a sustainable cane supply to our mill, we partnered with the MCPA to establish a 50/50 joint venture company called Sivunosetfu (which leases the farmland needed  for sugar production from MCPA). Since Sivunosetfu’s inception, the benefits to the Matsamo community have been enormous and has benefitted over 6000 people through:

  • Direct employment of 46 beneficiaries
  • Bursaries to 8 students
  • Enterprise development of 25 beneficiary companies
  • Procurement spend of R116 million
  • Lease payments of R40 million
  • CSI spend of R664 757

The secret to the successful partnership has been open communication and mutual trust. Through dialogue the parties have learned to see things from each other’s perspective and to make decisions based on long-term sustainability.

We believe this is a good example of how working together can create jobs and better the economy.