Vector Logistics has partnered with several leading food manufacturers and retailers to ensure the efficient and streamlined distribution of frozen, chilled and ambient food products to the consumer market in Southern Africa. Our national distribution footprint and fleet of over 370 vehicles, along with our team’s combined expertise in the fields of supply chain intelligence, sales and merchandising and warehousing and distribution, uniquely positions us to service both the RCL FOODS Group and our extensive external client base. 


Our Supply Chain Intelligence capabilities allow us to provide our clients with intelligent, end-to-end solutions geared to deliver supply chain efficiencies and long-term value. Supported by SAP and a range of leading strategic and tactical planning software solutions, we collaboratively demand plan with our customers and optimise warehouse and transport requirements to ensure that the right products get to the right place at the right time and cost. We are also able to analyse prospective customer’s existing supply chain networks and design and implement customised cost effective logistics solutions that meet their specific requirements. 


Secondary distribution for food manufacturers was the foundation on which Vector Logistics was built and still represents the largest part of our business.  Secondary distribution involves delivering both full and break bulk pallets through our national distribution footprint to our principals’ customers. Our services in the Principal Secondary Distribution network model include demand and supply planning, warehousing and distribution, debtors management and information management and business intelligence.  


Our Customer Secondary Distribution service offering is a multi-temperature contract distribution model which allows us to provide a one-stop service to both large food service groups and national retailers. We effectively consolidate our clients inbound supply chains and deliver frozen, chilled and ambient products on a single multi-temperature vehicle to their stores. Our sophisticated supply chain systems enable us to model the most efficient route to market for our customers, whilst allowing them to focus on their core business. Our services offering includes demand and supply planning, central procurement, order management, stock management, distribution (including full track and trace capabilities), debtors management, information management and business intelligence.


We have several Bulk Cold Storage facilities across South Africa, several of which are attached to our principals’ manufacturing plants (plant-based cold storage), or to our secondary distribution hubs. These facilities allow us to offer our clients terminal distribution by integrating bulk (full pallets) and secondary (break bulk) distribution as a seamless supply chain service. Our Bulk Cold Storage services offering includes landing of import containers, palletizing and storage of bulk pallets. 


We offer our clients a customer-focused Primary Transport service across South Africa and into selected neighbouring countries. Our primary fleet transports frozen, chilled and ambient products from our client’s manufacturing plants or distribution warehouses either direct to customers or into the Vector secondary network.  By controlling most loading and off-loading points in our distribution network, we are able to maximize the utilisation of our fleet and in so doing drive down transport costs for our customers. Through our Central Transport Planning and Tracking centre we are able to plan, track and trace our customer’s shipments to ensure that they are executed as promised.


Vector offers two independent sales and merchandising solutions that services the retail and wholesale markets. Vector Trade Solutions (VTS) primarily services RCL FOODS Consumer and Sugar & Milling Divisions, whilst Vector Sales Solutions (VSS) services other major South African food manufacturers across frozen, chilled and ambient product categories.

Our services include key account management, in-store order placement and stock management, shelf health management, returns management, brand activation and brand ambassadors. We enable our customers to maximize sales revenue and market share by ensuring maximum service levels into stores and on-shelf. This is supported through the use of leading hand-held technology and our seamless backward integration with our central demand planning and replenishment teams, customer service centres and distribution depots.


Driven by our desire to offer service excellence and to create mutually beneficial partnerships, we strive to design and implement innovative logistics solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. Vector serves two main types of clients: Food Manufacturers (which we refer to as Principals) and Food-Service Groups and National Retailers (which we refer to as Customers). Together they represent a large portfolio of leading brands that we are proud to assist in bringing to the market.


Managing Director:  Chris Creed
Sales Director:  Mark Clayton
Customer Director:  Paul Gibbons
HR Executive:  Ozzy Jacobs
Finance Director:  Janett Forbes
Operations Director:  Rory Matthews
Supply Chain and IT Director:  Shun Pillay