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RCL FOODS focuses on creating a work environment that supports our people and ensures their well-being, while driving productivity and participation in a manner that maintains stability within the company. We have established constructive agreements with trade unions and enter into annual negotiations to discuss staff salaries and conditions of employment. To ensure proper communication and engagement with recognised trade unions, social partners and site-based representative forums have been put in place to consult and share information with each other.

 The Functional Human Resource Directors of each division are responsible for employee relations within the Group, with the support of the Group Employee Relations Manager. Fair working conditions are of vital importance and are maintained through disciplinary policies and procedures. Upon induction all employees are introduced to the company’s policies, while reminders about policies and procedures are covered during training as well as through on-going communications and the intranet.

RCL FOODS has structured its working requirements and leave allowances to recognise that its employees have responsibilities and commitments outside of the workplace. All employees receive annual leave that is in line with or exceeds the statutory requirements laid out in the Basic Conditions of Employment in South Africa and other territories in which we operate.

RCL FOODS maternity and paternity leave policy and payment exceeds statutory requirements, as it believes strongly in supporting its staff in their familial requirements. Pregnant women are entitled to Maternity leave for a period of six (6) months. New fathers are granted paternity leave following the birth of their child. The specifics of this are outlined in the organisation’s Leave Policy, which also covers sick leave, special leave, family responsibility leave, study leave and unpaid leave. Where possible, flexible working arrangements are agreed with employees