EPOL is a leading animal feed manufacturer in South Africa, with nearly a century of experience and expertise. We provide livestock winning formulas with “the perfect balance”.

Product Range

Concentrates/Specialist Mix 

Since the animal feed industry utilises by-products from the milling, oil and fishing industries, it is vital that sound quality control measures are in place. In keeping with this, EPOL houses a laboratory at each of its mills.

EPOL runs regular trials with suppliers, to measure the cost-effectiveness of their products. Research trials are conducted by a fulltime research nutritionist. These are mainly undertaken at the university of Kwazulu-Natal, with some done at the University of Stellenbosch and the Agricultural Research Council.

EPOL also conducts numerous on-farm and commercial trials in cooperation with customers. EPOL maintains close relationships with customers through extensive research and development. As the leader in the animal feed industry, EPOL prides itself on providing not only top quality feed but also superior service. Part of this service is nutritional and technical backup by technical managers based at each of the six branches across South Africa.

The technical managers are qualified animal nutritionists tasked with ensuring optimum performance from our range of products. This is achieved through the application of leading technology, nutrition and quality control. Stringent controls are maintained by on-site laboratories which test each load of incoming raw material and outgoing feed to verify quality. This is made possible through the use of state-of-the-art NIR (near infrared) testing.

EPOL has maintained its leadership in the animal feed industry due to its cutting edge technical knowledge and service.