Corporate Social

Our Passion “to provide more food to more people, more often” is the driving force behind the work we do to bring nourishment and wellbeing to the people of South Africa. We reach out through our diverse portfolio of much-loved food brands, but also through initiatives to improve food security in the communities around our operations.

Food security goes hand in hand with community development, and these are the twin drivers of our corporate social investment (CSI) strategy – a strategy which has already helped bring about positive change in a number of communities around our operations. But we can do even MORE if we see and do CSI differently…and that’s where the next exciting chapter in our journey begins.

Doing 'CSI unusual' to #DoMore

Our most successful CSI programmes are those that engage with other roleplayers to bring about change that is significant and sustainable – programmes that focus on systemic change, rather than short-lived ‘quick fixes’. In Malalane, Worcester and Hammarsdale, we have been able to #DoMore for the community by doing ‘CSI unusual’ and partnering with like-minded public and private organisations to drive real, lasting change. In doing so, we’re the catalyst, not the hero – and it’s this that makes the next chapter possible.

Introducing the DO MORE FOUNDATION

By enlisting the support of like-minded corporates, NGOs, NPOs and government departments, we believe we can help alter the course of our communities’ history and help create a positive future. That’s why we have established the DO MORE FOUNDATION - a Trust which will enable other roleplayers to partner with us in doing EVEN MORE for our communities’ food security and wellbeing.

As an independently-run, separately-audited non-profit organisation, the DO MORE FOUNDATION provides for partnerships across the spectrum – from government departments to corporates looking to maximise the social impact of our CSI spend.

Should you wish to find out more about the projects driven through the DO MORE FOUNDATION, please follow the links below:


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