COBB South Africa operates from two large, modern grandparent units. The first in the Mpumalanga Province, where our new breeder and hatchery complex was inaugurated in late 2000. Due to the demand for the COBB 500 product, further investments were made and at the end of 2007 a second production unit was opened in the Eastern Cape. We now have two strategically positioned production units. They are strategic for supply and biological risk management in the event of a major disease outbreak. We aim to offer a better-quality breed of chicken to local poultry farmers, and our success in this endeavour has been unparalleled. It can largely be attributed to the high performance and consistency of the COBB breed, which translates into exceptional meat yield, excellent appearance, uniformity and taste quality. The COBB breed now has over 50% market share in South Africa.

COBB breed provides the ideal bird for both whole and cut-up portions.

COBB started off with modest beginnings in Massachusetts USA in 1916. Since then, the company has developed into one of the world's largest and most established broiler breeder companies – wholly owned by Tyson Foods in the US. Currently the breed is used in chicken production in over 60 countries. In South Africa, RCL FOODS’s relationship with COBB began in 1997 when they first imported grandparent stock. Over time, and because of the symbiotic and inherent strengths of the relationship, RCL FOODS moved to utilising the breed completely across all four production regions. The establishment of a forward alliance - that of being the sole representative in South Africa and so ‘COBB South Africa’ was established, followed on from this. This investment has provided benefits to the entire South African poultry industry and provided access to considerable international technical support in the areas of breeding, broiler, nutrition, flock health, environmental control, processing and planning.

COBB is recognised as the breed of choice with customers worldwide (i.e. leading producers such as Tyson Foods (US) and RCL FOODS (SA). This is because the COBB breed provides the ideal bird for both whole and cut-up portions.

All COBB distributors are supplied with stock that is derived from one common COBB pedigree population located in the United States - this ensures the consistently high quality of our product around the world. Great-grandparent operations are strategically located in the US, EU and Brazil which helps to ensure uninterrupted supply of genetic stock to all distributors of COBB parent stock.

We also have an outstanding reputation for the health of our stock, strong focus on bio-security, commitment to ongoing research & development and constant technical support and guidance to farmers. All these factors combine to ensure the high performance and superiority of the COBB breed.


The COBB500 is the most sought-after broiler in the global market.  The breed combines high chick numbers with the ability to achieve the lowest cost live weight production, outstanding uniformity and the highest breast meat yield at the processing plant.