A1 Super Maize Meal

The A1 life is all about feeling fulfilled and satisfied, physically and emotionally! With energy to keep you going while you work to achieve your dreams of success, A1 will be with you every step of the way. Stay true to your roots and heritage with A1 Super Maize Meal!

A1 is available in the following pack sizes

1kg – Sold in packs of 10
2.5kg – Sold in packs of 8
5kg – Sold in packs of 4
10kg – Sold individually
12.5 kg – Sold individually
25kg – Sold individually
50kg – Sold individually
80kg – Sold individually

Eita, brothers and sisters! A-listers. Movers and shakers! Are you living the A1 Life? Looking sharp? Feeling good.

Are you living for today, but dreaming BIG about tomorrow? Hanging local but thinking global…

This is the A1 life… and you can live it to! It’s the feeling you get when you enjoy a tasty meal made with A1 Super Maize Meal.

Come check it out!
Come live the A1 life with A1 Super Maize Meal!