We are committed to ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns by producing more food with less water, as well as producing, storing and transporting more food using less energy. Our journey toward sustainable sourcing begins with our direct suppliers and extends to a complex network of indirect suppliers that source ingredients for our products. We recognise that the impacts of a large supply chain like ours are significant, and that most environmental impacts to air, land and water occur in it. That’s why we work with direct suppliers who are committed to doing business responsibly in their own supply chains and making sure that they meet our requirements for environmental responsibility.

We are also actively looking for ways to convert the waste generated throughout our supply chain, into value. Sugar & Milling Division’s co-generation of electricity from biomass resulted in 37, 7 GWh being exported to the national grid in the 2015 financial year, assisting the country during its time of need. The potential of waste-to-energy conversion has been tested throughout the past financial year and commitments to invest in groundbreaking technologies have been made at RCLFOODS’ processing facilities where several successful pilot projects have been run.

We take full responsibility for our operations' environmental impact by charging every RCL FOODS employee to ensure effective use of resources and limit their impact on the environment. We also favour suppliers and partners who share our values with regard to the protection of the environment. Our framework for sustainable and responsible production focuses on electricity, water, fuel and packaging and is illustrated below:

For details on the work that has been undertaken in these areas, please refer to the Sustainable Business Report.