Doing More, Our Way!

Engaged employees feel a profound connection to the business, they drive innovation and they passionately move the business forward. Yet only 13% of people worldwide are actively engaged at work! So how do we create a workforce that delivers on our Passion and Ambition? The answers lies in engaging with our people, says Annelie Govender, our HR Business Partner & Learning Manager in the Logistics Division.

The Our Way roll-out in the Logistics Division is doing just that by driving an emotional connection with employees – first by connecting them with their own strengths, passions and purpose, and then with the team and the wider business.

The Our Way rollout takes employees on a journey towards greater engagement, passion and focus. It also dovetails with Vector's integrated Communications & Lean Implementation Strategy, allowing people to align with our culture and business goals.

To ensure the programme engages with the real issues, a dipstick survey was first conducted at each of the logistics sites to assess employee engagement levels. The Our Way employee engagement modules for staff, supervisors and managers were subsequently developed on the basis of the insights collected in conducting these surveys.

As part of the programme, every Logistics employee attends a two-day engagement session called Living Our Way. For Annelie this is a vital step in igniting people's purpose, passion and potential for growth. There is also a leadership engagement session (Leading Beyond) and a supervisory engagement session (Caring Beyond) which focus on the role of the leader in driving engagement in the organisation.

Part of the two-year rollout process involves an entrenchment phase where coaching circles are used to keep supervisors' own "engagement tank" full so they can do the same for their people. This is complemented by regular surveys using Pulse, a web-based dashboard which enables us to identify and compare trends related to different job levels and locations.

"Supporting all this will be regular communications from the leadership team, our ops magazine, an employee reward and recognition scheme linked to Our Way, and various fun activities to drive our irresistible culture," says Annelie.

The Our Way engagement programme was launched at Midrand in April and will run over the course of the next two years.  The Peninsula depot was next in line to start with the roll-out.  Across the board, engagement levels have increased dramatically in key areas such as self- confidence, attitude to work and motivation to contribute. With such a change in mindset already, the Logistics team is set for going beyond!